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Staircase manufacturers and suppliers to house builders

We take away the hassle for staircase and joinery businesses with our CaLc-3p primer and pine timber ranges of products. By thinking timber, we create solutions to make your supply chain management easier and get you to the end result with efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Benefits of using CaLc-3p primer timber products:

  • Save on labour time and costs
  • CaLc-3p primer products require no filling or knotting
  • Reduce the need for additional equipment on site
  • Reduce unneeded hours of painting 

Buy in the almost finished product and leave the rest to the decorator on site. You can benefit from reduced drying time, less coats of paint needed, a reduction in the amount of paint to buy and a consistently smoother finish across the board. 

Our pine products are made from high-quality clear timber, cut to length and sustainably sourced. 

Designed to save you time in the workshop, we understand that processes can be costly. By thinking timber we have created a better system that still delivers the same high quality final result. 

Benefits of partnering with us for pine timber products:

  • Minimise waste
  • Save money
  • High quality pine: knot-free, split-free and defect-free
  • Supply chain experts who lead with a consultative approach
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and access to the best products
  • Innovative solutions across a range of timber products

All of our components are FSC certified and sustainably sourced so you can be confident in your supply chain and the products you offer to your customers. If you require 

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