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We work in close partnership with timber manufacturing businesses to identify areas to make improvements and cost savings. We are not simply about saving you a few percent up front on like for like purchases. We are about looking at the bigger picture and providing material very specific to the business needs. Material which seriously reduces timber waste, removes manufacturing processes and ultimately enhances the quality of the overall finished product.

knot free timber products

Knot free / split free / defect free

No more time wasted traveling back to finished jobs to sand, fill, and repaint bleeding knots. As a result of this, you will enjoy better client relationships thanks to higher quality knot-free, split free and defect-free components.


reducing waste

Reduce your waste

Timber waste is a huge cost to the business. Material cut to your exact requirements can drastically reduce waste.

stacked timber products on a lorry

Free up storage space

By keeping up to speed with your production volumes, we can schedule products to arrive as and when required, reducing storage and handling costs.


Save labour costs

Less time producing waste, removal of some preparation processes, less handling and administration all contribute to labour cost savings