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Barratt’s zero carbon home ‘Z House’

Barratts Developments, the UK’s largest housebuilder, has launched a new flagship zero-carbon home, called the ‘Z House’. This is the first zero-carbon house built by a major housebuilder in the UK. It is set to substantially surpass the future home’s standard by showing what can be achieved.

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How the war in Ukraine is set to affect the timber industry

Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine in the latter half of February. With the invasion being globally broadcast from the beginning. Since then, troops have moved across the country making attempts to take control of cities. These shocking actions have meant more than 11 million people have fled their homes. With 5 million of…

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Rising costs of exporting Timber from Brazil

Rewind 12 months, and the timber industry, like many others, saw a huge increase in sea freight prices. Especially from China. However, this same surge in prices is now the case for sea freight coming from Brazil and South America. And it happened very quickly.

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Our Tips on how to Manage Timber Stock

Properly managing stock levels when dealing with timber is vital. Maintaining adequate levels for your business means, ultimately, a top-performing supply chain. Our expertise means we understand the timber industry and how demand fluctuates throughout the year. We use our knowledge to change our stock levels, ensuring the quality remains high, all year round.

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The Future of Green Homes 

The world has an ever-growing population. Therefore we can expect to see many more houses being built, to accommodate the growing population. Many house builders are looking for more environmentally friendly approaches and ways of building homes.

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UK Timber Industry: materials shortage is still a real issue 

The current worldwide Timber shortage could last well into the later months of 2021. With many calling it the ‘wood crisis’. With factors such as the shipping container issues, and the high demand in the US house building. Sawmills have been unable to rebuild stock levels, whilst demand remains high.

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