Block Background

Newel Post Waste

When we began working with a customer who was cutting newels from random lengths of material. A lot of waste was generated, but they’d always done it that way and weren’t especially worried about it.

The waste generated from work – for example, one customer who was cutting newels from random lengths of material – is often ignored or considered ‘part of the job’. If you’ve managed to run a successful business while generating waste, it can be easy to disregard it as something that’s not to be worried about.

However, Think Timber pride ourselves on efficiency and cutting costs. We looked at one of our client’s historical data of the stairs they were producing and were able to supply a set of common pre-cut Newel lengths to integrate into the business flawlessly. From previous experience, we were aware that waste can cost up to the thousands, though they might be considered ‘hidden’ from the manufacturer themselves.

This helped to seriously reduce off-cut waste, not only that, labour was reduced because workers could quickly select the appropriate length posts as opposed to working out how to best optimise random lengths. Saving time, saving money, saving waste.