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“But We’re Not Painters”

One of our clients never used to paint their staircases, leaving it as a job for the decorators. However, as times changed, they discovered that large house builders had started requiring pre-primed staircases as a prerequisite, demanding a sudden shift in how they operated on the job.

This left our client in a tricky position — react, or face losing the business? From the outset, they invested in some basic spraying equipment, but found it problematic and a disruption to the business. The paint finish they were able to achieve was limited, furthermore it was a case of muddling along or making a significant investment in professional paint lines, a direction in the business they had never anticipated or planned for.

A third party suggested they speak to Think Timber as an alternative. We were quickly able to provide all of their product requirements pre-primed, FSC Certified and to a high standard which meant the decorators on site only had to apply one coat of gloss. This allowed our client to concentrate again on their chosen trade of stair building, not painting!