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Bleeding Knots

Shortly after a young family moved into their new home, they noticed a few yellow spots coming through the pristine white paint on the staircase.

It was a classic case of bleeding knots, where solvents evaporate through paint film, giving it an unpleasant yellow/brownish colouring that ruins the pain overcoat and has a costly solution.

When the family complained about the knots to the developer, the message was relayed to the manufacturer who had to travel some considerable distance to repair the defect. The concern for the manufacturer was that they had supplied the same material for hundreds of staircases, therefore the problem had the potential to be huge and very costly to fix over a large geographical area.

In order to preemptively avoid this from happening, the manufacturer contacted Think Timber Рwith our engineered timber, we can supply them with quality timber with all knot content removed. Not only does the material paint much better and easier, there’s no worry of callbacks in the future to address bleeding knots and similar problems.