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Black metal spindles and staircase fixings for a modern design

You don’t need to start from scratch to create a modern looking feature for your home. A few simple changes to the fixtures and fittings of your staircase can transform how it looks. Metal spindles are an increasingly popular product, great for creating a striking contrast between wooden handrails and stair treads. The finished result looks incredible, making your staircase the main focal point in your home.

Whether you’re looking for a modern design for your staircase renovation or creating a bespoke set of stairs on a new development, here’s some of our favourite products to create this popular look.


Metal Spindles


Black metal balusters, come in a range of designs to suit varied interiors and tastes.

Feel free to mix and match the above to create a pattern or keep it simple – both options will create a modern twist on a traditional look. The balusters require minimal maintenance and they’re robust enough to last for years – making the investment worthwhile.


Black Metal Glass Clamp


If you’re introducing glass into the mix but want to keep the look consistent, this black metal glass clamp is the perfect solution. The high quality glass clamps for stairs hold the glass panels of your staircase safely and securely. Coming in a range of finishes, it’s a sturdy essential that will add to the design elements of your feature staircase.


Black Metal End Cap and Wall Bracket


To continue with the black metal accessories, this end cap and wall bracket are high quality and contrast really well with lighter shades of wood. Coming in the same finish as the rest of the accessories shown, the black metal range works well with both contemporary and traditional pieces. The end cap comes in different profiles to compliment your chosen handrail design.


Black Metal Baluster Bracket

The black metal baluster bracket fits perfectly with our range of metal balusters. Finished in the same material, they’re seamless and give your finished staircase a modern look and high quality feel.

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