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Barratt’s zero carbon home ‘Z House’

Sustainability is a huge focus for all industries in 2022, and the coming years. Especially for the construction and housing sector.

Barratts Developments, the UK’s largest housebuilder, has launched a new flagship zero-carbon home, called the ‘Z House’. This is the first zero-carbon house built by a major housebuilder in the UK. It is set to substantially surpass the future home’s standard by showing what can be achieved.

The ‘Z House’ is located on the University of Salford’s campus, which is one of the 40 organisations that worked in partnership with Barratts. They helped to broaden the knowledge and provide expertise from the sustainability, technology, and housebuilding sectors.

The development aims to showcase the future of sustainable living. Barratts has pledged all its new homes will be zero carbon by 2030, and the ‘Z House’ is the first step to achieving this goal.


Features of the ‘Z House’


  • Overhead infrared panels that provide heat
  • Air-powered showers
  • A fridge that keeps the right humidity, reducing food wastage by 60%
  • PV solar panels
  • Innovative skirting boards, delivering 10% more heat than traditional radiators
  • EV charging points
  • Plaster which eliminates pollutants for cleaner & fresher air
  • Closed panel timber frames with highly insulated cladding
  • Factory fitted windows
  • Offsite panelised masonry ground floor wall panels (reduces build time by half)
  • Air source heat pump


The revolutionary house will have people living in it like a normal home. Meaning its performance can be monitored against similar houses that are not zero carbon for comparison. Yet, to truly understand the home’s performance, the resident will be an academic. Who can fully understand the potential customer experience when living in a zero-carbon home.

This project is a great step for showcasing how much a national, volume housebuilder can achieve. To create greener homes for the future. The collaboration has created an excellent opportunity for the sharing of knowledge between experts within the construction industry.


Our Approach


At Think Timber, we are committed to challenging conventional industry standards. Whilst working to improve sustainability. Looking for innovative solutions and commercially-driven approaches to business. Realising the importance of moving with the times. Which includes adapting product offerings and working to create a more sustainable industry.

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