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The Benefits of Engineered Oak Products in an Unsustainable Marketplace

Many people within the timber industry are frustrated – and with good reason! The supply and demand issues facing us are disruptive to business, at all stages.


The affects

As a supplier, we are faced with issues daily. With every issue, someone somewhere in our supply chain has failed to deliver a service/product on time. This then has a direct impact on us and our customers.

Hurdles within the supply chain are very common. However, we have also seen issues with freight. Transportation by freight is just as turbulent at the moment and it also causes problems.

We hate being the bearer of bad news. But we are always honest and transparent with all of our customers. We believe that when working in a partnership, communication is key.

As a business, we keep up with industry news and try our best to foresee potential problems. We then attempt to plan accordingly to solve these problems. But, with the current lack of timber available to the UK, this is proving challenging. This is only made more difficult by the all-time high demand for timber.


The answer: Engineered Products

We have placed orders for our engineered staircase products across our partnered mills. With solid sections in short supply, the current situation has reaffirmed our belief that engineered timber is the way to go.

With shortages set to continue for the foreseeable future and demand on the rise, staircase manufacturers and housebuilders alike will soon have no alternative but to use engineered products, regardless of specifications, if they want production to continue.

Many should consider re-thinking specifications and embrace the opportunities that engineered products offer.

Historically, the UK has shown resistance to engineered materials. Many still prefer the more traditional methods. Yet, the current global shortage could lead to the wider usage of engineered materials – as well as their acceptance. Particularly for those manufacturers producing larger volumes.

Width laminating and finger jointing is a generic worldwide woodworking process. This allows defects to be removed and provides a far better yield on the material. Something which the industry must consider in the current climate.


Could Think Timber help with your supply?

Through our long-standing partnership with our timber mills, we can offer a reliable and regular supply to staircase manufacturers.

Our products include Clear Pine, White Primed, and Engineered Oak staircase components. These products are suitable for staircase manufacturers, who supply volume to the house building market and renovation companies.

The Think Timber team is confident that we can maintain a steady supply in the coming months. We endeavour to ensure our customers have the materials to complete scheduled jobs and avoid any standstill.

Talk to us and see what we can come up with together. This is how we Think Timber!

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