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How we can help you save time and money

The goal of any business is to sell its products/ services and to make a healthy profit. But when working with non-bespoke timber, off-cuts & labour-intensive workflows can prove uneconomical. By starting with products tailored to your specific needs, you can cut time and costs.


Clear Pine Products

Our clear pine products are of such a high quality, once painted, the finish you achieve in comparison with alternatives, is amazing. There is no need for the removal of knots, filling, or returning timber to the site because knots are bleeding through the timber.


Pre-primed Products

Our pre-primed timber products save you time on-site. As the painting or spraying is completed in our factory before you receive the products. Leaving the rest to the decorator on-site.


Oak Engineered Products

Our oak engineered products include square balusters, strings, newel posts/ caps, handrails, and treads. These are created, ready for assembly, saving you the process of gluing in the factory. (All our products are FSC certified).


We spend time sourcing producing quality products to save you money and minimise waste. All our timber products are knot-free, split-free, defect-free, and worry-free.


If you’d like to discuss our products further, and how we can help you, get in touch at