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International Suppliers, Think Timber: What time is it, where?

Like many businesses, here at Think Timber, we run our business across multiple time zones. Whilst we have excellent supply chains, working with suppliers across the globe can bring its challenges so it’s critical we have the right strategies in place to ensure we’re operating effectively.

Being sensitive to our supplier time zone differences is key. Our colleagues in China, Brazil or Poland wouldn’t appreciate a business call in the middle of the night. And, believe me – this is an easy mistake to make when you’re busy and working through your schedule.

Equally when members of our team travel overseas, the Think Timber office need to get their heads around the time difference as that urgent, please reply ASAP email sent Monday late afternoon may not hit its intended inbox until the ridiculously early hours of Tuesday morning – and then the deadline or your patience may be gone!

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With one supplier eight hours ahead and another two hours behind we found that the simplest way to keep on top of the time difference is with our Think Timber clocks. Being able to instantly see the time difference between each location allows us to plan and manage our communications with our global suppliers more efficiently – and I’m sure you agree that they look good too!