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If it aint broke, why fix it?

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I am sure this is a saying we have all heard many times. I hear it frequently from customers and myself when I really don’t want to think about making changes.

Why do I need to change how I paint my spindles, produce my newel posts etc?

You really need to have the appetite for change and not simply wait until you are in starvation mode. At times we can all be guilty of becoming too comfortable, this can be in relation to our suppliers or our workplace culture and processes.

Subconsciously, we regularly ask ourselves the question should we fix it? Can I be cutting out a process and making more money? Should I be buying in spindles as opposed to making my own?

What often stops us is a lack of motivation and drive to fix something that is not completely broken. We are settling for satisfaction and not aiming for complete satisfaction.  Complete satisfaction is the key differentiator between you and others. It is these differences that can lead us to continue success but only if we keep asking ourselves: Why should we fix it, even when it’s not broken?

If there is a saving to be made and we can achieve it as a company, why wouldn’t we?

Don’t be a sheep, be a leader.

This is how we Think Timber.