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Mobile running out of battery life?


We’re sure that you’ll agree that there’s nothing more irritating than your mobile device running out of battery life leaving you incommunicado!

And because we want our customers to be able to stay in touch with us socially on our social media channel or access our 24/7 website – we’ve got a whole load of Think Timber battery banks to give out to our customers…and they’re so cool!

So why would you need a battery bank?

Here are five top benefits for having a battery bank


1. Keeping your mobile charged

You’re just about to complete an order on but your phone or mobile device is running really low on battery and you don’t have access to an electrical socket to charge it. Ta-dah! The Think Timber battery bank saves the day and your order is completed.


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2. Faster Charging 

Faster charging because these are high-powered devices. And, it has multiple charges on it so you can charge your device more than once.

3. Highly Portable

You can take it anywhere and charge whenever you need to and it’s a universal charger. This means that it is suitable for most types of mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, and Android and you can charge your tablet, camera, and more.


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4. Power Cut

If you have a Power cut, don’t worry – you can still keep in touch with the outside world

The major advantage is that it gives you the freedom to charge a battery when there are no other options.

5. Contact Details

And of course, ours have the Think Timber branding and contact details on them so you can call, email or visit our web from your charged portable device anywhere and at any time.


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